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A winning business demands powerful strategic thinking and strong leadership.

We help our clients build their strategic leadership skills at every level, from the executive offices to the shop floor.

Strategic Leadership

Executive Coaching

We work one-on-one to build the strategic thinking and leadership skills that top executives need to effectively grow the organization and make it more competitive.

We also offer coaching for up-and-coming executives, helping them to prepare for bigger leadership challenges, while making the most of their own style and ideas.

High-Stakes Hiring

If you can’t afford a bad hire for an important position, we can help you find out what your interviews won’t tell you.

Our assessment services give you a deeper look into your candidates so you can find the best fit for your culture and your business.

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders

Developing future managers and executives internally is a popular choice because they understand your culture and know how your company works.

We’ll work with you to build a program to identify employees who have the potential to grow into higher-level roles, and then help them build their skills to be ready for leadership opportunities in the future.

Custom Solutions

Custom Hiring and Development Tools

If the off-the-shelf hiring and development tools out there don’t connect with your organization’s industry, culture, or unique challenges, we can put together professional-grade solutions for you ranging from a single assessment tool to an entire hiring or development process, including implementation strategy and communications.

We have a long history of designing and implementing customized tools for industries as wide-ranging as construction, pharmaceuticals, finance, and more.

If you need something special, we’re here to help. Our portfolio includes:

  • Skills assessments
  • Aptitude and interest inventories
  • Behavioral assessment centers
  • Interviews
  • Hiring systems
White Label Solutions

Are you looking for help in developing a specialized assessment, interview process, or other talent management tool, either under your own brand or for a client?

We have a long history of experience in developing custom white-label solutions for clients ranging from individual thought leaders to major international talent management consulting firms.

If you want to transform your ideas into professional-grade tools, talk to us.

About Us

Our Background

Evacor was founded in 2009 by Jason Weiss, Ph.D., an award-winning consultant and developer of talent management solutions used by major corporations worldwide.

With Evacor, Jason aimed to create more customized solutions for businesses, maintaining the same Fortune 500-quality standards with tools that felt closer to home for clients.

Our Experience

We have worked with clients of all sizes, ranging from small firms to multinational corporations. Our clients come from diverse industries, including financial services, professional services, publishing, media, construction, chemicals, energy, and more.

Our typical projects include: developing executive strategic leadership skills, executive and leader coaching, executive selection, competency modeling, leadership development, succession management, and custom assessment and development tool design.

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